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Autoparts 007

Autoparts 007 is a professional magazine which focuses on promoting Taiwanese & Chinese automobile parts to global markets in the Transportation Industry.

This magazine is a monthly issue in English. It contains information of updated global automobile news and latest information on Taiwanese & Chinese auto part manufacturers. We attend more than 20 exhibitions each year and distribute our magazines to visitors in international fairs. Also, we mail our magazines to buyers of related automobile industries. We believe that Autoparts 007 is for sure the most efficient media to promote your products throughout the world within a short time.

Our vision and mission, helping advertisers to expand their overseas markets, have remained the same for over twenty years. Besides maintaining the current markets, we are working very hard to explore & develop new and potential markets in Central Asia, East Europe, Africa and Central/South America. Our effort is to make your advertisement achieve the best effect.

Circulation Amount:
20,000 copies per month including mailing and free distribution at exhibitions

Geographical Coverage:
America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, East Europe, Africa & Central Asia

Circulation Methods:
(1) Distributing magazines to direct buyers during more than twenty international exhibitions
(2) Mailing magazines to related auto parts importers, distributors, agents, manufacturers & traders
(3) Mailing magazines to global automobile trade union, chamber of commerce for local buyers reference
(4) Searching autoparts information webpage at year round without charge.

Autoparts 007 is the most recognized and professional media with detailed information, perfect design and huge circulation. It is the most comprehensive guide to Taiwan and Chinese auto parts manufacturers. Also, it is the best advertising material to develop global markets as well.



China Autoparts Buyers Guide

China Autoparts Buyers Guide is a special publication only focusing on China autoparts manufacturers. CAG, published by Asia-Pacific Trade News Magazine, aims at advancing the worldwide markets. Also it is a good guide for overseas buyers who would like to cooperate with Chinese autoparts supplier. We offer the best platform of increasing the trading opportunities. It is not only to help you to reduce budget but also get the best purchasing chance on extending oversea trade.

As a smart buyer, please let us (CAG) be your best partner of extending global autoparts markets. Do not let a single chance to slip away!!

Circulation Amount:
It is a biannual issue that is publicated in every March (Spring Issue) & September (Fall Issue). There are 30,000 hard copies and 50,000 CDs per issue.

Circulation Methods:
Mailing by post, free distributing at shows and professional webpage at`>

Geographical Coverage:
(1) Distribution to entire autoparts manufacturers in Taiwan
(2) Distribution at the autoparts shows of the CECF (Chinese Export Commodities Fair)
(3) Distribution at global international professional autoparts show and offering inquiries and collect exhibitor lists
(4) Searching autoparts information webpage at
`> year round without charge.
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